The future of roadside
convenience in East Africa

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Lexo Energy is a new & fast-growing network of technology-led petrol stations in East Africa.

We have modernised refuelling for travellers and transformed roadside convenience to offer a 360° premium experience.

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Lexo Energy puts people first.

We put people's needs at the forefront of everything we do and use market-leading digital solutions to guarantee the highest standard of roadside products & services.

The Lexo "X" is a mark of quality and our promise to deliver excellence to each and every one of our customers. 

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Lexo Energy partners


Coming soon

Lexo's very own convenience store and food brands, providing excellent refreshment and comfort to East Africa's road users.

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Refuel & refresh in stations across Kenya.

There are currently 26 Lexo sites in Kenya, all offering a better approach to refuelling and taking a break from the roads.

Take a look to find a station along your next journey.

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