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About Lexo Energy

Lexo Energy is a new and fast-growing network of technology-led roadside retail stations in East Africa that offer the highest standards of fuel, lubricants, tyre repair, food and beverage and more.

A European-based company with operations in Kenya and a proven strategy to roll out across the region, we are an exciting entrant in the East African market. We use industry-first technological solutions that enhance the quality of our products and services in order to consistently deliver excellence and lead the way in innovation and customer care.

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A unique business model

Unlike many petrol stations in Africa, we have established a unique owner operating model that allows us to place the traveller at the very heart of our business because we truly care.

We pride ourselves on disrupting the sector, pioneering a new approach and offering travellers a world-class experience when they need to stop and refuel.

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Our aim is to be the preferred petrol station and refreshment point by all road users in Africa. 

We want to become a household name that is synonymous with the best quality products and caring services found along any journey.


Our purpose is to deliver efficient and quality roadside services via world-class innovation & technology.

We find the most effective solutions on the market to overcome industry challenges, priding ourselves on a 360° premium caring experience for our customers.

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Expanding rapidly across East Africa.

With 26 sites already in Kenya, and robust plans to acquire and transform petrol stations as far south as Mozambique, we are rapidly expanding across the region. 

Should you have a few stations for sale or rent in East Africa, please contact us directly

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